Brand New Report!

Do you want to learn how to make the most of your web pages?
This brand new report "How To Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes In Landing Pages, Mini Sites, Affilate Pre-Sell Pages and Sales Pages" will show you how.

The top 10 mistakes are discussed in detail along with their solutions. Using real life examples of websites that have been transformed using these thchniques to demonstrate the mistakes and the solutions that were used You will be able to see exactly what pitfalls to avoid and how to correct similar errors on your own site.

In this power packed report you will discover:

 The top 10 design mistakes you could be making without knowing it -- and how to
   fix them.

 What backgrounds are the best to use on all your pages.

 How to balance out your graphics to avoid the "teeter-totter" affect.

 Tips on writing a great headline to get your visitors to read every word of your
   headline before scrolling down the rest of your page.

 How to put together an effective color scheme.

The use of color and graphics are covered in detail. You will learn how to co-ordinate everything on your site from top to bottom.

To receive your free copy just right click on the link below.



You will Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the report. You can get it free at: Adobe Reader

Warm Regards,

Alexis Everson





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